The hounds

Eventually I needed to get around to introducing the dogs this blog is named for.  Here you go:

Griffin-  who a 10-11ish year old Doberman from the Baltimore SPCA.  His previous owners left him in the lobby overnight, with nothing but a collar with his name on it.  It took him all of two days (and one attempt to mark the couch) for him to settle in.  I got very lucky with this dog.  He’s been my road trip buddy for 7 years, and retired from that last fall.  He has Wobblers, and riding in a car for long distances is no longer comfortable for him.  It honestly broke my heart to make that call, especially since it happened right before Viking arrived.  I was hoping for a year or two of road trips with both dogs, but it wasn’t in the cards.  He’s a professional couch potato now.  He pretty much does whatever makes him happy, and that’s how it should be.

Cannon Beach, OR
Cannon Beach, OR, 2014

Viking- who is really, honestly 100% German Shepherd.  Or, depending on who you ask, a purebred Lab, a wolf hybrid, or a straight up wolf.  He’s from Blackthorn Kennel’s Z-litter.  He’s definitely a dog who needs a job, so we’re working on tracking and IPO.  I’m also teaching him some service dog tasks, just to see how he does.  He is still a puppy… but serious and thoughtful, and has loads of confidence.  I’m very happy with this boy!  He also worships the ground Griffin walks on, and he’s got some big paws to fill as a road trip dog.  More in the future about puppies, breeders, and two dogs living together.  Blackthorn matched Viking for me, and he’s a perfect fit.

9 months old


Viking’s already got a start on homebrewing.

He's helping.
He’s helping.

Good dogs.

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